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Our Mission

At TIVRA Health, our mission is simple – we want to provide you a 360-degree view of your health by combining fitness, health and nutrition data on a single integrated platform layered with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to quickly and seamlessly acquire insights that allow you to optimize your health and fitness. 

Our Story

Born from our own challenges with personal health, TIVRA was created to empower both patients and doctors to leverage data already at our fingers tips through smart, wearable devices through single integrated platform readily available to providers to make informed and timely medical decisions.

Our incredible journey over the past few months has helped us better understand our customers needs opening up a whole new world of customers for us to proudly serve. Our uniquely diverse platform aims to serve healthcare, athletic and fitness communities to address their unique challenges and leverage data & technology like never before.

TIVRA Health is lead by two founders passionate about healthcare and technology and are on a mission to empower their customers harness the power of big data and technology to enable data-driven decision making.

With over 30+ combined years in industry experience, with 11+ years is in healthcare, these leaders are determined to  

Experienced Leadership

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