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One Platform.

Many Devices.

Deeper Insights.

What's your story?

Clear the noise, and understand the real data in real-time that impacts your health.

With the rapid growth of wearables and sensors, the need for a single integrated platform is critical. As a comprehensive and pioneering solution, TIVRA Health plays a vital role in helping our users combine all their health, fitness and nutrition data for a holistic view of their health. 

Artificial Intelligence 

With advanced analytics and AI technology embedded throughout the platform, our users can quickly and seamlessly acquire insights that allow them to optimize the health and fitness.

API Integration and Live Data

Our platform collates data seamlessly through many wearable devices, biosensors and smart patches.

Historical Progression

With the rapid growth of wearables and sensors, our platform allows you to change devices as often as you like without loosing the valuable information captured by your previous devices. It also allows you to wear as many devices as you like to capture information YOUR way, because let's be honest, no device can do everything.

Personalized Insights

Personalized for you, but more importantly personalized by you


Our Technology

TIVRA Health is revolutionizing the ways in which athletic coaches, fitness trainers and healthcare practitioners, acquire data, gain insight, and predict future behaviors related to health, fitness and nutrition. 


Powered by Blockchain, our platform leverages three key features/components of blockchain technology; Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Smart Contracts, and Utility Tokens.


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will allow the users to create and maintain their fitness, health, and nutrition profile, introducing self-sovereignty.  


Smart Contracts will act as third-party facilitators that will bring efficiency, trust, and transparency into fitness and health handling controls.  


Utility Tokens will allow you, as the user, to control access in a secure and compliant way while keeping the sovereignty of data with the individuals.

The security of your data is our #1 priority. With the significant increase in the number of cyber security breaches and hacks, the backend infrastructure of our platform is just as critical as the frontend user platform. We believe it's important as a user for you to understand the importance of a robust technology platform. 


Devices in the Market


Users in the Market


Users with two or more wearable device


Use their device everyday


Willing to share data with Healthcare provider

There is power in numbers

Why this and why now?

Love what we do and want to support? 








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